Capstone Capital has offices located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee and Tampa, FL. We are a group of mortgage broker’s with 20 years of experience and the exclusive broker for Capstone Apartment Partners. Together we cover the southeast including North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida and Georgia. As we continue to grow our business, it is important that we stick to our values.

We’re involved.  Our team provides a steady presence throughout the process. Instead of simply throwing a mountain of paperwork at our clients, we provide scheduling, guidance, and gentle reminders to keep things moving. We create and revise the paperwork ourselves, happily taking the burden off of our clients.

We’re thorough. There are no canned documents here. No bare-minimum approach. Each package is customized, detailed and transparent, providing the strengths and weaknesses of each deal so that lenders are crystal-clear on all the reasons they should fund your project.

We’re human.  We believe the human element really makes the difference, and our people are top-rate. All are commercial mortgage experts, yet we offer a more personal, less corporate approach that is rare in our business. We go the extra mile to make a very daunting process less so, providing a steady presence that ensures smooth sailing every time.

We’re reliable. Our clients are clients for life. The relationship doesn’t end when the loan closes. We’re here to help with any needs, big or small, both now and down the road. Because we value the relationship, not simply the transaction.

We are mortgage brokers, in it with you! Capstone Capital provides the most direct route for achieving your real estate goals. We will discuss the best suited program to maximize your investment and save thousands of dollars.



Scott Yerkes

Vice President of Production

Al Kinkle, Jr.

Vice President of Production


Keri Alpers

Director of Operations


AJ Medina

Vice President of Production

Amanda Short

Marketing Director

Mitchell Stogner

Vice President of Production


Trey Palmedo

Vice President of Production

Stephen Vegh

Vice President of Production

Brett Grubbs

Vice President of Production